About Us
Words of Introduction

H M Furniture Art was established in the year of 2005 with an aim to add quality, sustainability and unique features in the market of Traditional Furniture by innovating new ideas and techniques in the way Furniture is being manufactured and supplied. And we are happy to say that we have been successful in achieving our aims and have established ourselves as leading, trusted and renowned Furniture Manufacturer and Supplierby achieving customer satisfaction and applause for our durable and sustainable Traditional Furniture, Temples, Dining Tables, Swings, Chairs and other kinds of furniture. We have a wide range of furniture on offer; you can choose your favorite furniture from our showroom. We have extensive range of Traditional Furniture and other beautiful furniture that includes:

  • Traditional Furniture
  • Dining Tables
  • Center Tables
  • Chairs
  • Temples
  • Swings
  • T V Stands
  • A Furniture Accessories

Our Quality Policy

At H M Furniture Art, we aim and work for quality, by quality and with quality. And this is the reason why we have been successful in achieving and retaining leading position as an international Manufacturer and Supplier of Traditional Furniture to US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Indonesia and many other countries of the world. As we are engaged in Manufacturing and Supplying high quality Home Furniture, Office Furniture and Traditional Furniture, its our core responsibility to produce, maintain and improve the quality of both our products and our customers satisfaction. And to ensure our customers of quality in our furniture products, we have designed, implemented and strictly follow industry benchmarks that help us in producing quality products. Our extensive range of furniture designs pass through strict and critical quality tests before we put it in our showroom.

Our Pricing Policy

Every business around the world is established on the basis of profits and growth. But H M Furniture Art is something different in the category! Because we were founded with an aim of offering customers, an extensive range of Traditional Furniture that has durability, sustainability and affordability. At H M Furniture Art, customer satisfaction comes first and then comes profit.

Our Commitments

H M Furniture Art believes in offering quality and satisfaction and not just furniture products! And this is the main reason behind our strict and dedicated commitment to customers, environments and industry.

  • Commitments to the Customers

  • Leaders always think for Customers first! And this is what we do at H M Furniture Art. For us, customers come first and then come business. This philosophy has made us leader in the industry of Traditional Furniture, where the years old players struggle to gain the position. Our dedicated commitment to our beloved customers have helped us in not just retaining our existing customers but also in gaining new customers and becoming trusted name in the industry.

  • Commitments to the Environment

  • Environment is another big issue that we take care when we Manufacture and Supply Furniture. We think for environment while manufacturing furniture by the way of opting eco-friendly and green approach of manufacturing process. We do use recyclable materials as much as possible in manufacturing process.

  • Commitments to the Industry

  • Our commitment is not just limited to customers and environments but we also extend our commitment to industry also by making ourselves involved in Research and Development process and we always try to make the furniture innovative. We always try and work in generating better and bigger ideas that benefit to the industry.
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